As the former Director of Chaplaincy Service at McGill University from 2006-12, Manjit Singh has worked with several chaplains of varying religions and faiths. He also has numerous years of experience providing spiritual and personal guidance to students and coworkers.

In addition to his time at the Chaplaincy Service, Mr. Singh has published many articles on Sikhism and developed Intro to Sikhism for McGill’s Faculty of Religious Studies, which he taught from 2002-12. Mr. Singh has been a Sikh Chaplain since 1999.

Having served as an Advisor to the Federal Treasury Board and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on Employment Equity matters, Mr. Singh has spent years encouraging and promoting inclusiveness and establishing positive working conditions and environments for visible minorities.

Aside from his outstanding work experience, he actively participates in his community by volunteering, promoting interfaith relations and rendering social services to all its members.

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