Words from the Convenor on Fanaticism

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Words from the Convenor on Fanaticism

We did not anticipate this summer of fatal fanaticism when we decided to hold the 3rd Global Conference on World’s Religions after September 11 in Montreal this year, which will meet on September 15. Little did we know while we were planning the conference that its purpose and goal would become even more relevant today. The events which we have seen this summer raise the following questions:


                  What is fanaticism? And how do we combat it?


As the Convenor of the conference, I try to provide an answer to the question, “What is fanaticism?” in the video below.

For an answer to the question, “How to combat it?” Please join us on September, 15, as our guest speakers will explore this concept and many other important issues facing religion in today’s world.

Arvind Sharma
Birks Professor of Comparative Religion
McGill University
For more on the relationship between faith and fanaticism, and how religions can contribute to peace in the world, also see the following videos: Profound Faith vs. FanaticismWhat Role Does Religion Play in World Peace?


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One of July’s top tweets featured a quote from the late Nelson Mandela. July 18th marked “Nelson Mandela International Day,” which is celebrated annually on his birthday, in recognition of his life and legacy.

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